How Men Fall In Love

Connection knows no label.  How men fall in love has nothing to do with the original labels attached to the relationship.  He can fall for you even when you start as a FWB (friends with benefits).  Don’t get hung up on labels.

Here’s Juliette: This class is probably the best thing you could do for yourself. I read the book at the beginning of this year when I started hanging out with my FWB at the time. The book taught me how to lean back and calm my hyper-insecurity and anxiety down.

That same FWB is now my boyfriend who says that I’m the love of his life and that he can’t let me go. I am not perfect at leaning back, far from it, but reflecting on what she’s taught reminds me to stay grounded; in short, I’ve been profoundly changed, and that says a lot. If you can afford it, you should definitely attend this class, and read the book.

It was a gradual change that began when we started hanging out in January. The first few months it was mainly just hanging out that wound up as casual sex. While bored online googling one day, I stumbled across Kat’s insightful article about how you can actually turn a FWB into a serious relationship simply by loving yourself and leaning back.

Out of curiosity, I bought her book, which taught me things like not ever mentioning that it bothered me to see his ex girlfriend’s toiletries and face creams taking up his entire bathroom counter. Normally I’d flip out on the spot, however every morning I’d leave his house being okay with not knowing how much longer the hooking up was going to go on for.  I basically guarded my heart the way Kat taught me to and somewhere in the middle of spring he admitted that he was beginning to have feelings for me.

Fast forward to the fall and I am shocked that Kat was right all along. A casual FWB who previously said he didn’t want anything serious now says that he’s in love with me. This is the first time in my human experience that I’ve been proved wrong in my belief that an FWB can never evolve to anything beyond just being casual.

I have yet to take more of the classes, but I plan to after I recover from Christmas spending. I am the most insecure and most stubborn person I know, so the fact that I could be moved so greatly from just reading a book makes me a solid believer that these classes are the best thing you can do for yourself. Thanks so much, Kat!”

From Friends With Benefits to Falling in Love.

Have you been told over and over that there is no way you can turn a Friends With Benefits into a serious relationship? Many will tell you that sex is not how men fall in love. My method has proven those naysayers wrong time and again. There is no limit of possibilities in Katarina’s World. With my method you can get any man you like -as long as he likes you- because you are the 5% of the female population: rare and high value.

I’m not very keen on on labels to begin with.  Relationship feels like relationship whatever labels you put on and vice versa.  And emotional connection can and will deepen no matter what label you started your relationship from.  Love and genuine connection knows no label.  So when you work with me the less you refer to any concept or past conditioning the faster you’ll adapt to the new mindset and the faster you will see results and instinctively know how men fall in love.

Your thinking is why you are stuck in this dysfunctional way in the first place.  Most relationship advice out there engender fear and anxiety in you cause they tell you how to subscribe to something that doesn’t really exist: How to control.

You have no control how a relationship unravels and you should be jumping up and down with joy because with this realization you are now free to just relax! The more you relax, the easier he falls for you. All this grasping that has created so much tension in your life turns out to be for nothing!

Resistance is futile.  Do you know that in my life I resist nothing?  My life is easy thanks to that.  If you are in a state of constant fighting within yourself, that will affect how your energy radiates, don’t you think?  Then work out those kinks.  Work with me and I will show you how men fall in love.

How Men Fall In Love

how men fall in loveThe 5 (or rather 7) Conditions needed for a Man to fall in love

  1.  They realize they need to pursue and court you to win your heart.  You don’t need courting when you arrive before him (this is why you  are so confused and end up on this page).  So don’t arrive before him!
  2.  They are given the space to rubber band and process their feelings.  That includes they don’t get to hear from you babbling about  your feelings all the time.  Leave the poor dude alone.  Sometimes he just needs to gather this thoughts in his man cave.
  3.  They fear of losing you, they wonder what you’re doing when you are away cause you lean back. They suspect other men must be  pursuing you as well so they need to step up their game.
  4.  They feel wonderful whenever they’re with you, instead of being drained or stressed out.  You bring joy into their life.  You’re easy to  lead and be with.  You have very few neuroses.  Your energy is light and uplifting.
  5.  They have a chance to miss you!  It’s so important for a man to be able to feel that you’re not around as much and their imagination starts to wonder to the sweet things you have shared together.  It’s hard for them to fall  in love when you’re always in their face. Your absence plays a big part when it comes to how men fall in love.

There are two other things that I will reveal in the class about this very subject….read on…  It’s very important for a guy to feel that to be able to feel safe enough to bond with you.  

If you are trapped in this habit of stalling the process of him falling for you, It’s time to turn your love life from failure after failure to a success story like I see every day in my community.   This class will explain every point on this post and more!   And find out what that last 2 points are!

Seven Condition of How Men Fall In Love

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Have you read my book yet?  If not grab it here because you will learn so much about a lot of things that haven’t worked for you in your love life and how to fix them.  I have just added a new bonus teleclass you don’t want to miss: “How Feminine Magnetism Is The Solution to Every Relationship Problem You Have.”

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